How to Remove Errors from Credit Reports

Negative feedback removal is the process of removing errors or negative marks on your credit reports. Credit repair agencies like ours can help you simplify this process and we make sure that the companies follow the rules so that your credit doesn’t receive any negative impact from items that shouldn’t be on their in the first place.

Why Negative Feedback Removal Is Important

Most people don’t know this, but taking advantage of the negative feedback removal process can really help improve your credit score. For example, if you have markups that are over seven years old such as missed payments, repossessions, bankruptcy, student loan delinquency, or foreclosure, then after seven years most of these items will automatically fall off of your credit reports. However, there are still some items that won’t and you will be forced to deal with them yourself.

We are referring to errors on your credit report. Sometimes companies might unintentionally might report a late payment to the credit bureaus which will cause your credit score to fall, but there is still a way for you to combat common mistakes like this. Keep reading to find out more.


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How Should You Deal With Errors On Your Credit Reports?

  1.  Contact all three credit bureaus and let them know about the errors you found on your credit reports.
  2.  You could also contact the company that made the error and ask them to remove it.
  3.  Be persistent. Sometimes it could take up to several months for just one error to be removed from your credit reports.

What Should I do if a Company Refuse to Remove an Error?

If you know a company is wrongfully marking up on item on your credit history, but they refuse to remove it within 30 days, then contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. If you didn’t know, by law, companies are required to remove any incorrect or misleading items on your credit history within this 30 day time frame. Be sure to take advantage of these facts

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