Credit Repair Affiliate Program for Raise My Credit Corp

We pay you to send us clients. It is that simple. Sign up as an affiliate with us today.
Have you ever spent an hour or more with a customer who was ultimately denied for financing? You can still earn a generous referral fee by spending two more minutes sending that client to us. After that client has had their credit repaired by our experts, they will be back with you to continue with your services. Building mutually beneficial relationships with our affiliates is one of the important key elements in our business.

Why choose us?

Partnering with Raise My Credit Corp is a very efficient and easy process for you to turn potential buyers into paying customers. We are committed to your client returning to you upon fixing their credit. We secure this not only verbally but in our contract as well.

We offer a $50* commission for each client you bring to us. Commissions are generated for referrals once a month. 

our partners

Bank of America
Coldwell Banker
JP Morgan
Keller Williams
Wells Fargo

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*$25 upon sign up and an additional $25 after client has been with us for a minimum of four months.  

Increase my money making opportunities and help my clients? This sounded too good to be true. It’s not! I referred several of my clients to Repair My Credit Corp while they were in the market to buy a new home. Repair My Credit Corp helped them dramatically raise their credit score. My clients were able to get lower interest rates allowing them to get the homes they wanted and I in turn received a generous commission. It was a win win! 

Tim B.

The team members at Raise My Credit Corp are one of a kind. They are friendly, caring, and eager to help make this a smooth process for everyone involved. They offer services that are not just a one size fits all solution. They took the time to really work with everyone of my clients to help them get the results they wanted. 

Micheal R.